Welcome to Creative Block TV, our crazy little corner of the universe.

Here, you will find animated shorts, music videos, skits, series, VR experiences, and more!

At Creative Block TV, there is no line between imagination and reality… cartoon characters cross paths with rappers & celebrities from the past and present, while on capers with aliens, monsters, and robots. Crazy high tech villains clash with the intrusive AI based government, in a never ending struggle to make the world boring.

Over top of Romero’s Grocery, B-Way struggles to keep his family’s business running, while chasing his dream of becoming a big time producer and director. Word is getting out that he’s magic with cameras, computers, and technology, and he’s starting to get more and more interesting clientele and visitors, and most of all, TROUBLE.

His right hand man, and transportation, is a transforming car / robot named BlackLight. BlackLight lost a 7 picture acting contract and was banned from Hollywood for assaulting Optimus Prime on set. A real hip hop groupie, he’s constantly quoting rappers out of context, and disappearing at the worst possible time. Being that sentient robots are completely banned outside of certain geo-zones, he’s literally an illegal alien and constantly in hiding, or making poor attempts to do so.

B-Way’s roommate is a chain smoking cyborg parrot named Erick. Erick is a former “Sky Striker,” a pirate group of cybernetically enhanced birds, bats, and sentient drones that escaped a government program, and became drone raiders for hire. For years they terrorized robotic shipments, hijacking millions in deliveries. Erick’s gambling problem got him kicked out of the crew, and he’s been on the run ever since. He’s over 100 years old, and can’t stand BlackLight’s groupie ways, and wishes BWay would toughen up on business. He has a fondness for golden age hip hop and classic gangster movies.

Downstairs in the bodega, B-Way’s two uncles attempt to keep hold of the family business. B-Way is always on the run from or hiding from their constant bickering and harassment; they both have been worn down by life and each other and live every day to score a dollar.

All around the bodega, new people and businesses are moving in and out. Will you set up shop on Creative Block TV?